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Order Pizza iPhone App [Twilio Customer Profile]

Danielle from Twilio demonstrates how to use the Order Pizza iPhone app, which was recently launched by Twilio Customer Order Mapper. The application ...

What Can You Do with Twilio?

In many ways, Twilio is like a box of legos. You get building blocks to create communication workflows that make sense for your business. For this video, we've ...

Introducing the Twilio SMS API

Discover the easiest way to build applications that send and receive text messages with Twilio SMS, a web-standards API. Learn more here: ...

Active WordPress-to-Twilio API

My Twilio Hacknight hack.

Voice controlled game via Twilio iOS SDK.

Using Twilio to extend the functionality of Siri

A demo of SiriTunes, an application that uses Twilio's SMS API to allow Siri on the iPhone to play any song.

How to Create a Python Texting App Using Twilio API

10 Steps --▻ Have you ever wanted to learn about API's (Application Programming Interfaces) and also build cool ...

Speech Recognition: API Deep Dive and Best Practices

This talk will deep dive into Twilio's newest product, Automated Speech Recognition. Find out more at

VOICE & MESSAGING TRACK | Introducing Twilio Notify

Twilio has some surprises and new products launching at Signal.

Chipotle Ordering for iPhone Review

In this video, I review a nice application from the food chain, Chipotle. This is great way to order food from your local Chipotle chain from your iPhone.